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Greek Cabbage Rolls

cabbage rolls greek

One of the most popular dishes in Greek restaurants is cabbage rolls. They are a great option when you're on the go and need a healthy meal. These rolls are made from shredded cabbage and then stuffed with rice and feta cheese. It's a tasty and easy meal to prepare.

How to make Greek cabbage rolls that burst with flavor - With over a dozen secret ingredients and custom spice mixes!

Making Greek cabbage rolls is an art that can be achieved with a little patience, the right ingredients, and some crafty cooking techniques. The key to bringing out the full flavor of these tasty treats is using various fresh herbs, spices, and secret ingredients.

You will need white cabbage leaves and finely chopped onions, garlic, and red peppers for the base. The secret ingredients come in cinnamon, nutmeg, and coriander seeds – all of which add an extra flavor and aroma when combined with more traditional seasonings, including oregano and basil.

Next, you’ll need to assemble your filling – add a rich blend of minced pork, beef, or lamb and mix it with cooked brown rice or bulgur wheat. Here’s where custom spice mixes come into play; a concoction of herbs like cumin and marjoram can bring out the flavor!

Once your stuffing is ready to go, get rolling! Carefully place each vegetable wrapped in at least two leaves so ensure optimal flavor when sealed. To keep them extra juicy, brush on a bit of olive oil over each cabbage roll before placing them into a heated oven for about thirty minutes or until golden brown.


Stuffed cabbage rolls are a classic Greek dish, often enjoyed during the colder months. While these delicious treats can be made traditionally, they are prepared in many ways. To start, a large pot of water should be brought to a boil. Next, a small bunch of leaves with a core should be placed in a colander. This will make removing the cabbage leaves easier. Once the leaves are removed, the center leaves can be separated and used to create vegetable stock.

Another option is to saute shredded cabbage in olive oil. Add a splash of vinegar to the mixture to give it a sour taste. These can be eaten chilled or hot.

The stuffing for these rolls can be made with ground beef, rice, onion, and parsley. Season the filling with salt and pepper.

The next step is to make the sauce. This recipe is simple and easy. A flour and oil mixture is used as a thickening base for the sauce. You can also add an egg to the sauce after cooking.


It takes a little practice to perfect the art of rolling cabbage rolls. This traditional Greek dish uses a meat and rice mixture and herbs to make a flavorful roll. These stuffed cabbage leaves are served with an egg-lemon sauce, which makes them perfect for cold days.

The first step to cooking cabbage rolls is to prepare the seasoned cabbage. The mixture should be flavoured with olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs. You can also add lemon juice to the recipe.

You'll need a large pot with a wide opening. A heatproof plate is handy to place on the pot while simmering. In addition, a piece of towel can be used as a weight.

You'll need to wash the cabbage. Remove the outer leaves and stems. Cut the leaves in half, if needed. Set the stems aside.

Next, you'll need to prepare the filling. For the most part, you'll be using ground beef and rice to stuff your cabbage rolls. You can skip this step if you're lucky enough to have a veal or pork mixture.


Greek Cabbage Rolls are a classic dish that is perfect for cold days. The meat and rice filling make this a meal that you will enjoy. There are several different ways to assemble stuffed cabbage rolls. The first method is to wash the cabbage and then dry it. Next, cut off the tough triangular rib. You can either wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it or use the next method.

Aside from being wrapped tightly, the rolls should be stored in an airtight container. It is best to use a freezer bag when preparing cabbage rolls for freezing.

Assembling stuffed cabbage rolls is a fairly simple process. To start, you must gather all the ingredients needed for the dish. After that, you can begin assembling the rolls.

Stuffed cabbage recipes differ from region to region. Some recipes use ground beef and eggs, while others are based on vegetables and spices.


A delicious dish of cabbage rolls is made with a creamy sauce. This delicious sauce can be made at home or from a grocery store. The homemade sauce is more flavorful than store-bought varieties.

It's easy to prepare. Just follow the simple steps. First, you'll need to clean and cut the vegetables. Next, you'll want to fry the onions in vegetable oil.

Crushing the garlic is also an essential part of the recipe. It can be done using a garlic masher or a garlic maker. Once the onions are cooked, you must add the processed vegetables. You can also add ginger, giving the dish a special flavor.

For the sauce, you'll need a 2-quart saucepan. Begin by melting the butter in the pan. Add in the flour. Stir until the mixture is well mixed. Finally, mix in the cheese. After 5 minutes, remove the sauce from the heat.

For the meat filling, you'll need 12 ounces of ground beef. Mix this with 1.5 oz of plain panko breadcrumbs. Also, combine 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tbsp dry oregano, and 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thai food can Paprika be used?

Yes. Yes.

Thai, Mexican, Spanish, Indian and Chinese cuisines include paprika.

Paprika can be traced back over 5,000 years ago to Ancient Greece. The word "paprika" comes from the Hungarian language meaning "pepper. "

What is the value of spices?

A spice can be described as a seasoning to enhance flavour in food. Spices can be powdered, liquids or oils. They can also be called condiments or flavours.

It's a great way of adding variety to your meals by spiceing them up. Many spices can be added for additional flavor and excitement.

Hot pepper sauce may make soup taste better. Mixing a couple of cayenne peppers in a cup rice can make it even more delicious.

You can experiment with spice recipes best if you use fresh ingredients. Buy organic dried herbs. Fresh herbs are more durable than dried herbs.

Although some spices are essential to cooking, there are others that you might prefer not to use. Cinnamon sticks contain high amounts of coumarin, so they should not be eaten if you have a history of liver disease. Ginger also contains coumarin, but it's much less concentrated. People who do not have any liver problems are safe.

What Thai spice will I need to make Thai food home?

To make authentic Thai food at home, you'll need to master five essential spices: black pepper, cayenne, coriander seeds, turmeric, and cinnamon. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in the creation delicious dishes.

Cinnamon brings out the sweetness of black pepper, while white pepper enhances the savoury flavours. Curry powder is given its characteristic yellow colour by turmeric and coriander seed. Cayenne peppers bring the heat while cilantro adds freshness. Cinnamon adds complexity and depth to any dish.

These spices are available at most grocery stores. However, if you prefer to order them online, we have recommendations.


  • According to a recent survey, professional chefs and many home cooks use spices; usage has only continued to grow from 2011 to now. (
  • Their 14 to 20 percent essential oil content means that cloves have the highest concentration of aroma compounds of any spice. (
  • According to Healthline, pink Himalayan salt is estimated to contain up to 84 minerals and trace elements, which gives the salt its special pink color. (

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