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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹

At, we're passionate about flavours, cultures and cooking wisdom from around the world. We seek to bring you closer to sustainable ingredients sourced from farmers and producers dedicated to preserving culture and tradition. Our mission is to provide everyone with access to remarkable spices, herbs, recipes and organic food that embraces culinary diversity.

Saffron is particularly special for us; its magical scent along with its unique flavour inspires us each day and reveals a world of possibility in the kitchen.

We invite all brave souls who are keen to share their culinary secrets! If you have something delicious on your mind, don't hesitate to share it at [email protected] Let's show our appreciation for all those incredible cultures who dedicate their time and effort towards tantalising taste buds!

For now, love yourself and enjoy this one ... 

Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 Indian spices that you can use?

Indian spices include a range of spices that are used to make Indian cuisine. These spices include cumin, cardamom and coriander as well as turmeric, fenugreek and ginger. These spices add flavour and aroma to dishes by blending and complementing natural ingredients such as meats and vegetables. The unique flavour profiles created by spices are what make Indian cooking special.

Cardamom's sweet, pungent flavor is balanced with ginger and citrus notes. It's used in many dishes, including biryani and curries. Cumin is a spice with an earthy smell and a rich, nuanced flavour. It is often added in to curries, dals, or meat dishes. Coriander adds a delicate nuttiness and sweet citrus aroma to dishes. It is often used in seasoning vegetables and lentils.

Turmeric is a spice that has an earthy flavor. It can be mixed with mustard, spices and pepper hints. This spice is commonly used in curries and other dishes and has a golden hue. Fenugreek has a rich aroma, earthy tones, and a slightly bitter flavour. It is often used as a seasoning for meat dishes like kebabs. Ginger is pungent and spicy with hints o citrus. It adds the perfect kick to dishes such as curries, chutneys, and soups. Asafoetida, or hing, has a pungent aroma and strong flavor. It can be substituted for onion and garlic in some recipes.

These spices together create unique flavors that make Indian food so special.

Almond Flour vs. Almond Meal. What's The Difference?

As an almond flour alternative, an almond meal is more versatile because it can be used for baking, cooking, and even making nut-free dishes.

Almond flour can also contain gluten which makes it more difficult to digest. Avoid gluten-free food if you have celiac disease, or any other digestive disorder.

While almond flour isn't considered a "superfood" per se, it contains healthy fats, fibre, protein, and vitamin E. It's also low in calories and sodium and contains no cholesterol.

The almond meal offers many nutritional benefits including iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese (thiamin), calcium, vitamin A, B1 and Vitamin C.

Almond flour is made from almonds and contains monounsaturated fat acids. Almond oil, however, contains polyunsaturated oils. Both types lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL(good cholesterol).

Almond flour also contains antioxidants like phenolics and flavonoids. These compounds protect against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

In a study published in Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, almond flour was found to have an antioxidant activity comparable to blueberries, cranberries or pomegranates and red wine grapes juice.

Almond flour is usually sold alongside almond milk, fortified with additional nutrients.

What are the uses of Thai spice?

The term Thai spice is a common phrase that we've heard a lot, but don't really know what it means. When we taste it, our mouths water and we wonder why we aren't eating more.

But it isn't just any old spice. It is an essential ingredient that brings flavor and depth into dishes that might otherwise be boring.

Although there are many recipes that call for Thai spices in large numbers, very few recipes actually use the true thing. Let's talk about how to make sure you add these amazing flavors to your meals.

Thais have been using herbs and spices in their cooking since antiquity to add flavor to food. Thai derives its name from the Sanskrit phrase "to cook".

Even today, most Thais prefer to eat spicy foods. This preference is often due to the heat in Thailand which makes it difficult for people to stay warm without hot drinks. Thais consume more chili peppers than Americans and Europeans.

A local Asian grocery store is the best place to learn more about Thai spice. There are many options available, including dried chilies as well as fresh basil leaves and curry paste.

Also, you may find whole peppercorns.

Thai cuisine can use either dry or wet spices. The dry spices are usually ground while the wet spices are crushed or pounded finely.

Dry spices are often added to a dish directly. For example, you can sprinkle ground red pepper onto your chicken soup. In order to make a paste out of wet spices, oil or butter is often used.

Wet spices are often used in sauces, marinades, and dressings. Fish sauce, oyster sauces, sesame and sesame olive oils, curry paste and hoisin are some of the most common wet spice options.

Thai cuisine can be made at home by learning which spices work well with specific ingredients.

Red pepper flakes can be used to season beef. Use white pepper if you are using seafood like shrimp.

You can also order online if your Asian market is not available. You will find everything from dried chilies to exotic herbs and spices here.

These Thai recipes will make you hungry next time!

What mint is used in Thai food?

Lime-leaf mint (Mentha cervina) is the most commonly used type of mint in Thai cuisine.

It has a mild, citrusy flavour that gives dishes a freshness and zing. To enhance Thai cuisine's flavour, other spices like galangal, coriander, lemongrass and garlic are often added.

Mint is versatile and can be used both in sweet and savoury recipes. To achieve authentic Thai flavours, it is important to use the right spices, herbs and aromatics.

For extra flavor, make sure to add lime-leaf mint next time you prepare a Thai meal!

Happy cooking!

What's the difference between cooking whole and with ground spices? Ground Spices?

There is no difference between cooking whole spices and with ground spices. After harvesting, all spices are ground. There is no quality difference.

But the price gap is significant. Whole spices are more expensive due to the labour required for processing them. But the flavour is worth it.

If you purchase whole spices in bulk, you might get an additional discount. A whole bag of cinnamon sticks might be eligible for a discount.

It is the same for cardamom and cloves as well as ginger, ginger, nutmeg, and ginger. You might be able to save money by buying these spices in bulk.

Ground spices are also more durable than whole spices. Because ground spices lose potency quickly from oxidation, this is why whole spices last longer than ground spices.

However, the main reason we recommend whole spices is because they add character to recipes.

You can make delicious curry using whole turmeric, instead of ground turmeric. Or you can grind whole coriander seeds to create a spice blend for chicken dishes.

It takes time to grind spices. A large amount of whole spices is a good idea. So that you don’t run out of spices, it’s a smart move.

What Thai spice will I need to make Thai food home?

For authentic Thai cooking at home, you need to be familiar with five essential spices: cayenne, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in the creation delicious dishes.

Black pepper enhances the savoury flavors of curry powder, while cinnamon gives it sweetness. Coriander seeds add a spicy kick, while turmeric gives curry powder its signature yellow colour. Cayenne peppers heat up the dish, while cilantro adds flavor and freshness. Finally, cinnamon can add depth and complexity in any dish.

Each of these spices can be found at your local grocery, but you may prefer to buy them online.


  • India contributes to 75% of global spice production. (
  • It has been estimated that around 1,000 tons of pepper and 1,000 tons of other common spices were imported into Western Europe each year during the Late Middle Ages. (
  • Their 14 to 20 percent essential oil content means that cloves have the highest concentration of aroma compounds of any spice. (

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How To

How do you store your cooking spices?

I will tell you how to store cooking spices for optimal performance. We must first understand the science behind food storage.

Because spice's flavour is diminished by light exposure, it should be stored in airtight containers. This is due to oxidation which occurs when oxygen combines with organic compounds such as those found in spices.

To avoid oxidation, spice should be kept in dark cupboards. If these conditions are not met, spices will quickly lose their flavour.

It is the best way to preserve spices' flavours by keeping them out of direct sunlight.

You can flavor water by adding herbs and spices. For example, mix two teaspoons of ground cinnamon with 1/2 cup of warm water and stir well. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and serve immediately.

Dried herbs can be added to soups stews, casseroles pasta dishes rice dishes salads and desserts. Just sprinkle the spice mix evenly over the dish. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes before you serve.

Remaining cooked vegetables, fruit and meats can be used in your favorite recipes to make snacks.

Fresh herbs and spices can be enjoyed by being chopped or broken up. You can also freeze spices and herbs by placing them in muffin cups or ice trays and freezing them. Once frozen, transfer them to freezer bags and zip-top plastic bag.


Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹



Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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Grandma makes the most famous Sicilian recipe! 🇮🇹


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