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Here are some Green Pastures Farm sheep genetics available in Ohio!

At, we are passionate about spices, herbs, recipes and organic eating. It is our mission to bring awareness of flavors from around the world and provide access to a full range of spices, herbs and organic food from sustainable farming. I am particularly excited to share my love of saffron with others and help bring the joy of cooking into people's lives.

But it is not simply about providing delicious recipes for saffron dishes – it is also about promoting sustainable eating that respects those from all different cultural backgrounds who dedicate their lives to serving fantastic meals in both family homes and 5-star restaurants across the globe.

If you have a special recipe or would like to contribute an article to our blog section, please reach out as we would love to hear from you at [email protected]. We believe everyone has something extraordinary to offer their taste buds!

For now, love yourself and enjoy this one ... 

Here are some Green Pastures Farm sheep genetics available in Ohio!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic?

Organic meat refers to real food grown without the use artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or hormones. It also means that the animals weren't fed any genetically modified feed. This means that the meat is safe for consumption as there aren’t any harmful chemicals.

Organic meats are also healthier for the environment. Eating organic foods helps reduce pollution in the environment, such as rivers and lakes. Organic farmers generally don't use toxic chemicals that kill birds and insects. We help to protect wildlife.

Locally purchasing organic meats is the best way to make sure you are eating healthy and organic meats. Buying local helps keep more money circulating within the community rather than going out of state. Local businesses often pass along savings to customers when shopping locally. In addition, buying local keeps jobs right here in America instead of sending them overseas.

What are the benefits of organic farming?

Organic farming allows farmers to produce food using only natural methods. Farmers do not need to worry about harmful pesticides harming their crops or animals.

Organic farming can also use natural fertilizers. These fertilizers promote healthy plants and decrease the amount of chemicals used.

Organic farming is also environmentally friendly. To recycle nutrients back into soil, farmers often resort to composting. This reduces the risk of pollution and helps conserve precious resources.

Organic farming also helps the environment by increasing crop yields. Because organic farming uses less water during the growing season, this is why it is so successful.

Organic production methods mean farmers can get higher prices. Consumers who are more informed about the dangers of pesticides or chemical fertilizers will demand healthier food.

This has increased the demand for organic foods. Organic farming is becoming more popular because of this.

Organic meat is better

If you've been paying attention for any time, you probably already know the answer to this question. But here's the rub, organic food is becoming more popular while conventional food continues to fall out of favour.

Organic foods are more appealing because they are healthier. Organic foods are also safer for our overall health and reduce pollution.

But there are two sides to this coin. Organic produce takes longer to grow, and it requires more resources. This means that organic food costs more money than its non-organic counterpart.

Organic meats are typically higher priced than conventionally raised animals. However, there are ways to reduce these costs without sacrificing quality.

Buy locally to save money. Locally grown fruit and vegetables help lower the price of produce, as farmers are often given incentives to grow better crops.

Deals are another way to cut costs. Organics often come with discounts.

Consuming less meat is another way to save cash. Meat production can be costly due to the feed needed to raise livestock.

While there are many reasons organic food is better for our bodies as well as the planet, we must not forget the cost.

Is organic a guarantee that the product is pesticide-free

Organic food is organic and free of pesticides. This means that organic food is often free of pesticides and fertilizers.

Because it is free from harmful additives, organic produce has higher nutritional value than conventionally produced food.

The USDA National Organic Program requires that organic farming practices be followed by farmers.

These guidelines address soil preparation, crop rotations, pest control, water conservation, harvesting, and other practices.

In addition, organic farming methods promote healthy ecosystems, which benefit wildlife and natural habitats.

What are some organic skin products?

Organic skincare products do not contain synthetic chemicals like parabens,phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum jelly or petrolatum.

Organic skincare products do not contain artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives.

They are designed to promote healthy skin, prevent premature wrinkles, heal injuries after they happen, and support overall wellbeing.

These are some terms that you might see when looking for organic products

  • Paraben Free is a grouping of chemicals that are used to maintain certain cosmetic products safe, but can be toxic when consumed in large quantities.
  • Fragrance-Free: The product is free of essential oils or fragrances.
  • Cruelty free - No animals were endangered during the manufacturing process.
  • Natural Ingredients are ingredients that have been naturally extracted from plants or animals.
  • Vegan/Vegetarian – The ingredients can either be vegetarian or vegan.
  • Gluten-Free - this means that gluten was removed from the formulation.
  • Non-Toxic-The product doesn't contain any toxic chemicals, carcinogens, and/or other harmful substances that could be harmful to your health.
  • Biodegradable - The product will eventually be broken down into harmless parts when it is disposed of.
  • Pesticide-Free - No pesticides have been used in the growing and harvesting process.
  • GMO-Free - this means that none of the ingredients in the product contains genetically modified organisms.
  • Certified Organic is a certification that the ingredients of the recipe were grown using sustainable methods.

What are organic beauty items?

Organic Beauty Products are natural products without synthetic chemicals such as petroleum, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, and artificial preservatives. These ingredients can be found in many conventional beauty products such as cosmetics, shampoos and perfumes.

Organic beauty products are also free from animal testing and do not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The USDA defines organic as "a system that fosters the cycling of resources." It has been used for many decades to describe food products grown without pesticides.

The harmful effects of chemical compounds on our bodies have led to an increase in the demand for ecofriendly beauty products.

These include skin irritations, cancer, hormonal imbalance, premature aging, and allergies.

Organic beauty products are created by companies that care about the environment and create safe, healthy products for customers.

Is organic food healthy?

There are two types. One is those that we grow ourselves, and the other is those that we buy from someone else. While there are exceptions, the general answer is yes to both. Organic food is safer because it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Organic food can be found in supermarkets throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Organic food is now available in most grocery stores, making it easier to find organic foods.

Organic food is better tasting and healthier because it contains more vitamins and minerals. In addition, organics are usually grown without applying synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which means they do not pollute our soil and water supply.

Organic farming is regulated by the USDA. Farmers must follow strict guidelines to ensure safe eating. There are currently over 30 million acres of US farmland certified as organic.

Organic food is often more affordable than conventional food. The same amount of nutrients, calories, and protein is being offered by organic food, but consumers are often paying less. Organic farms can charge less for their crop because they aren’t required to buy expensive chemical inputs.

According to Environmental Working Group, organic food can be 10 percent cheaper per pound when compared to conventionally produced food. Organic food is an option if you want to improve your health and the health of your family.

Organic food has been a popular alternative for standard American diets. While many believe organic food can only come from specialty markets and fine dining restaurants, it is not true. Organic food is easily available in all regular grocery stores in the United States.

In recent years, organic food sales have been on the rise. In 2012, the US market value for organic food was $43 Billion. This is an increase of $21 Billion from 2007.


  • As for organic meat, regulations require that animals be raised in living conditions that accommodate their natural behaviours (like the ability to graze on pasture), fed 100% organic feed and forage, and not administered antibiotics or hormones. (
  • Cosmetic brands such as Laurel and Rose Mira are 100 percent organic and have a wide array of skincare products. (
  • Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids were up to 50 percent higher in organic meats and milk than in conventionally raised products.[3] (
  • According to a study performed by, organic products, compared to non-organic products, ranged anywhere from 13 percent cheaper to 303 percent more expensive. (

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What happens when you switch from conventional products to organic?

Organic products can be grown without synthetic fertilizers, hormones or antibiotics. They are free-range and come from clean water sources. The term "organic" means they do not contain any chemicals or additives. This product was created by nature, and therefore does not contain harmful substances.

Natural means how food is grown. It's used to describe foods that have not been altered into their final form (e.g. fruits). Natural foods are often fresher than others because they haven't been treated with heat, radiation, or chemical preservatives. Some people think natural does not necessarily mean healthy. Experts believe there is no difference in organic and conventional food. Both types of food are tested for safety, quality, and purity. Organic produce has less pesticide residues and pollutant than conventionally grown food.

Most grocery stores offer organic options. You can find organic meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood at your local market. Some companies only sell organic products, while others offer separate sections. USDA Certified Organic, Non GMO Project Verified. Biodynamic Association Certified. Rainforest Alliance Certified.

These foods should be avoided by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. Pesticides are known to affect unborn babies and infants.


Here are some Green Pastures Farm sheep genetics available in Ohio!


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